Children and Family Dentistry

If you’re going to play hooky from school with your parent’s blessing, make sure it’s worthwhile! At ABC Dental, our children’s dentists make visits fun—just like they should be. From dental cleanings to emergencies, fluoride treatments to X-rays, there’s no reason why getting out of class or work can’t be a blast.

For parents, you deserve a reputable team of dental professionals who put the health and comfort of your child first. That’s why ABC Dental offers a full spectrum of services all catered towards little ones ( and their teen counterparts).
We understand the “fear of the chair” and have a knack for making kids comfortable during their visit. It’s all about the right tools and the right chair-side manner.

What We Do

Remember when going to the dentist meant a polish, tasty fluoride treatment and ice cream afterwards? It can still be that way. We’re all about the “ABC’s” of children’s dentistry and have been one of the favorite kid-friendly dentists in Oklahoma City for years. From thorough yet painless cleanings to full restorations and everything in between, put your children and yourself at ease by depending on local professionals.

Although there’s a world of difference between children and adult dentistry, it all starts with the right approach. Our dentists and hygienists know that fear of the unknown can play a big role in feeling uneasy. After all, no kid likes needles, and all those gadgets, gizmos and loud noises can be off putting. That’s why each procedure and tool is explained in ways your child understands.

And the pain? At ABC Dental, we’re a 100 percent pain-free operation.

Your Kind of Dentist

Parents will find plenty of magazines and entertainment options in the waiting room, but kids come first here. From the cheery décor to the endless toys, games, puzzles and books, ABC Dental has everything your child needs for an enjoyable visit—both in and out of the chair.