Preventative Dentistry

By far the most common reason for a dentist visit is a routine exam and dental cleaning. Depending on the age of the patient, we can tailor the appointment to meet needs and boost health.

For example, an infant or toddler with just one erupted tooth will have an exam that largely consists of chatting with Mom or Dad about oral hygiene and a brief visual exam of the mouth. As kids get older and new teeth pop up, the exams and cleanings get a little more in-depth.

Adults can expect thorough cleanings as well as an array of necessary services that help them enjoy renewed smiles and confidence!

Here’s what to expect from a common cleaning for children who have all or most of their baby or adult teeth:

Getting Started

Your child will probably get X-rays first, which are pain-free, safe, and quick. Your own x-ray schedule varies, depending on your needs. The x-ray process only takes a few minutes.

An exam can include both a visual inspection and one with tools. This doesn’t hurt at all, but it gives both your hygienist and dentist an idea of potential issues and the general state of health. This is also the time to discuss brushing, flossing, mouth rinses, and oral hygiene.

A Clean Slate

Dental cleanings for our patients are usually quick, and they’re always painless. Plaque and tartar is scraped away, and the entire mouth is given a good cleaning. During the cleaning, you might hear very loud noises, but the only thing you’ll feel is pressure.

In cases where there’s significant buildup, a “deep cleaning” may be required, but don’t worry—this also comes with numbing agents, so you won’t feel anything. In severe cases of build-up, we can use dental sedation to make you feel comfortable while we work.

Whether you need a deep cleaning or a regular one, your mouth will be clean and healthy. After the cleaning, you have a clean slate in terms of oral health!

Polishing It Off

Finally, a cleaning is completed with a polish to buff those teeth to their whitest white. Kids can choose from a selection of tasty polishing gels. They love the taste, and they love the feeling of clean teeth.

The gentle polishing process gives your children shiny, white teeth that will only add to the smiles you love so much!

As we polish teeth, we also talk to patients about great oral health habits to help them understand how they can stay healthy after their visits.

After we finish polishing little teeth, we can prevent cavities with a fluoride treatment to give their health an extra boost until the next visit. The fluoride treatment is the perfect end to a comfortable visit to ABC Dental!

Fluoride Treatments

As the grand finale, a fluoride rinse is offered, which is basically the dessert of the procedure.

There’s no denying that fluoride treatments are the best part of a dental visit. At ABC Dental, we have a smorgasbord of flavors to choose from ranging from classic bubblegum to refreshing mint, citrus and fruit. As Oklahoma City, OK’s leading dental office, we take pride in offering the best in care—but have delicious fun in the process!

An impressive array of flavors is available for Oklahoma City patients, but that is just what your child loves about the treatment. What you love is that the fluoride treatment is building stronger enamel to protect teeth from cavities.

Options for Fluoride

In-office treatments can consist of a gel, varnish, toothpaste, or classic mouth rinse. According to the US Center for Disease Control, fluoride in water ranks among the “ten greatest public health achievements of the 20th century.”

It’s clear why fluoride treatment is hailed as nearly a miracle, considering how fond kids can be of sugar, which leads to decay, and their general lack of oral hygiene— when they can get away with it.

The best approach is to marry a fluoride rinse at home with regular fluoride varnishes in-office. It’s kind of like the way you need to brush your teeth daily but also get a more in-depth teeth cleaning a couple of times each year. Simply put, a dentist has better equipment, techniques, and tools for fluoride treatment than you could get at home.

Fluoride Is Safe!

As a parent, you may have heard conflicting things about fluoride, particularly in the water. However, fluoride rinses bypass this controversy no matter which side of the fence you’re on. It’s a rinse, which means it’s not ingested. It merely sits on the teeth to provide an extra layer of protection for growing teeth. As a topical treatment, it can help stop tooth decay and cavities.

But how exactly does fluoride work?

Fluoride causes “fluorapatite,” which basically means the enamel of the tooth is remineralized. This leads to fewer ions, which are a driving force behind the de-mineralization of enamel. While fluoride itself can’t actually prevent cavities, it does manage the rate at which cavities develop.

With regular fluoride treatments, trouble spots can be headed off before they turn into full-blown cavities.

Come to ABC Dental to Prevent Serious Dental Problems!

We want to help prevent oral health issues through preventative dentistry. Bring your child in for regular cleanings, so we can keep their precious little smiles shiny and bright! Call for an appointment today.