Growth & Development

Your child’s teeth develop in a fascinating process, and we are here to help them have healthy, beautiful smiles.

Growing Smiles

Your child’s teeth go through these stages before their “adult smiles” are complete:

  • Stage 1: Your child’s baby teeth develop while in the womb. When your child is born, the primary teeth are present, even though you can’t see them.
  • Stage 2: Your baby begins teething, which is when these primary teeth push through the gum tissue. This process usually begins when your baby is between 6 and 12 months old.
  • Stage 3: When your child is between 5-7 years old, they will start losing their “baby teeth,” and their permanent teeth begin pushing through the gum tissue.

During each of these stages, you can help your child have healthy teeth. We can talk to you about good oral care for each stage, so you know your child will have a beautifully healthy smile!

Protecting the Development Process

Some parents think they do not have to worry about baby teeth or the gums, but the fact is that these little mouths need care in order to help children develop healthy adult smiles.


This is a very uncomfortable process for everyone involved. When these primary teeth push through the gums, your baby will be irritable, and it can be frustrating as you try to keep your baby comfortable.

Baby Smiles

Even when your baby has an adorably gummy smile, you should take time to clean their gums. Healthy gums lead to healthy teeth. As their teeth grow in, it’s important to brush and floss them in order to protect them from cavities and tooth decay.

Protecting these baby teeth is important because they are “space savers” for the adult teeth that will come in later. Losing these teeth too early can cause the new teeth to come in at the wrong places. Early tooth loss can even cause your child’s new smile to be crooked.

Regular Checkups

Starting when your baby’s first tooth comes in, we can help your child keep a healthy smile! Regular checkups give us opportunities to make sure your baby’s teeth are healthy and coming in straight.

We can keep an eye out for any developing cavities while we clean and polish teeth. After a good cleaning, we can even finish off the appointment with a tasty fluoride treatment to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy!

To learn more about how regular checkups can help your child’s oral health, you can read more on our preventative dentistry page.

Special Issues

In addition to cavities, there are a number of other ways that your child’s smile can be damaged. Pacifier use, thumbsucking, and injuries can lead to other dental problems. We can help you protect or repair your child’s smile.

If there is a problem with your child’s smile, read more about our emergency dentistry services on this page.

Protect Your Child’s Smile at ABC Dental!

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