Family Dentistry

We are ready to help your family have great oral health! By bringing your loved ones to ABC Dental, you will find dental care that is fun and comfortable as well as effective!

Specializing in Care for Your Child

There’s a big difference between kids’ teeth and adult teeth—and it’s more than the fact that those “milk teeth” require special care. Our dentists are both primary oral care doctors as well as specialists. They’re equipped to treat children, from infants to teens, and often specialize further in order to address special health needs.

Although there’s a world of difference between children and adult dentistry, it all starts with the right approach.

These dental professionals don’t just provide routine exams, cleanings and restorations, but they are also advocates and a resource for education. We help your child understand the value and importance of great dental care, so they can take care of their smiles for years to come!

What We Do

Remember when going to the dentist meant a polish, tasty fluoride treatment, and ice cream afterwards? It can still be that way. We’re all about the “ABCs” of great dentistry!

We have been one of the favorite kid-friendly dentists in Oklahoma City for years. From thorough yet painless cleanings to full restorations and everything in between, put your children and your own mind at ease by depending on local professionals.

You should feel comfortable at your dentist’s office. We take steps to put your mind at ease. After all, no one likes needles, and all those gadgets, gizmos, and loud noises can be off-putting. We use remarkable sedation techniques and excellent dental innovations that are soothing for patients.

Our dentists and hygienists also know that fear of the unknown can play a big role in feeling uneasy. That’s why each procedure and tool is explained in ways you can understand.

And the pain? At ABC Dental, we’re a 100 percent pain-free operation!

Your Kind of Dentist

Parents will find plenty of magazines and entertainment options in the waiting room during children’s appointments. For your own appointments, you can enjoy gentle, thorough dental care that results in beautifully healthy smiles.

From the cheery décor to the endless toys, games, puzzles, and books, ABC Dental has everything your child needs for an enjoyable visit—both in and out of the chair. This will help your child build positive attitudes towards dental work.

Experience the difference the right dentist can make for your family’s health! Call ABC Dental for an appointment today!