Exam and Dental Cleaning

By far the most common reason for a dentist visit is a routine exam and dental cleaning. This can consist of different things depending on the age of the child or adult. For example, an infant or toddler with just one erupted tooth will have an exam that largely consists of chatting with Mom or Dad about oral hygiene and a brief visual exam of the mouth. As kids get older and baby teeth pop up, getting slowly replaced by adult teeth, the exams and cleanings get a little more in-depth.

Here’s what to expect from a common cleaning for children who have all or most of their baby or adult teeth:

Getting Started

You’ll probably get X-rays first, which are pain-free, safe and only take a few minutes.

An exam can include both a visual inspection and one with tools. This doesn’t hurt at all, but it gives your hygienist and dentist an idea of potential mouth issues and the general state of affairs. This is also the time to discuss brushing, flossing, mouth rinses and general oral hygiene.

A Clean Slate

Dental cleanings for children are usually quick and they’re always painless. In severe cases of build-up, dental sedation may be required, or a topical numbing gel and/or injected pain killer can be used. During the cleaning, children might hear very loud noises which can be startling, but the only thing they’ll feel is pressure.

In cases where there’s significant build-up, a “deep cleaning” may be required but don’t worry—this also comes with additional numbing agents so nothing will be felt. Plaque and tartar is scraped away and the entire mouth is given a good cleaning.

Polishing It Off

Finally, a cleaning is completed with a polish to buff those teeth to their whitest white. Kids can choose from a selection of tasty polishing gels.

As the grand finale, a fluoride rinse is offered, which is basically the dessert of the procedure. An impressive array of flavors is available for Oklahoma City patients, and it’s the perfect end to a comfortable visit to ABC Dental.