Dentistry For Children

There’s a big difference between kids’ teeth and adult teeth—and it’s more than the fact that those “milk teeth” require special care. Our dentists are both primary oral care doctors as well as specialists. They’re equipped to treat “children,” from infants to teens, and often specialize further in order to address special health needs.

These dental professionals don’t just provide routine exams, cleanings and restorations, but they are also advocates and a resource for education. Most adults don’t practice proper oral hygiene 100 percent of the time, so how can they teach their kids to do so? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), children should see a dentist annually or bi-annually starting within six months of the first tooth appearance.

A Perfect Relationship

Don’t just see a dentist when there’s an emergency. This should be a fruitful, ongoing relationship in order to teach oral hygiene and spot red flags before they get out of control. The AAPD urges families to establish a “dental home,” where all their questions and concerns can be addressed. For residents in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, ABC Dental fits the bill perfectly.

Regular checkups can spot tooth decay early, identify and change bad habits (such as tooth grinding), and are opportunities to ensure the best at-home oral hygiene is being followed. There are numerous issues which largely plague children such as pacifier habits, thumb sucking, injuries from the playground and dietary issues that impact tooth development.

Avoiding Trouble

Erupting adult teeth can grow in crooked and shift other teeth, become impacted or become damaged. Our dentists have the training and background to address unique oral issues that children face. You wouldn’t take your child to an adult doctor or enroll them in an adult swim class, would you? Special ”kids’ only” professionals have what it takes to keep your child as safe and healthy as possible.