Dental Sedation

There are many sedation options and techniques for dentistry in Oklahoma City—and pros and cons to each. Not every patient will require or benefit from sedation on every procedure. Choosing sedation and what type is used should be a joint decision made between your ABC Dental professional and your family. The reality is that the vast majority of cases requiring sedation can be done with local anesthesia. Sometimes, a combination of oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation is best.

However, there are instances where some patients need deeper types of anesthesia. It might be due to a serious procedure, a young patient with severe fear of treatment or perhaps a patient with a disability or behavioral issues. The good news is that no matter what the procedure or who the patient is, there’s a dental sedation solution.

Sleep Dentistry

In the most severe of cases, putting a patient to sleep may be required. For children who won’t do well with a numbing injection, we have nitrous oxide gas available. Once the injection has been administered, gas is used to control the sedation. In some cases, an anti-anxiety pill is prescribed prior to the visit—although that can lead to fatigue.

Dental Sedation

The most common type of sedation is nitrous oxide which is excellent for lowering anxiety and stopping pain. Minimal sedation allows patients to respond to requests as they remain aware of what’s happening but have no pain. Moderate sedation means the patient can respond to requests with some effort—it’s sometimes called “conscious sedation.”