Emergency Dentistry

There are just as many types of dental traumas and emergencies as there are ways people can hurt themselves—in other words, the list is endless. However, some traumas are more common, especially when it comes to kids.

ABC Dental knows how scary a dental emergency can be and is here to help you!

What to Do

If a tooth gets knocked out, whether from a game on the playground, a slip and fall, or a sports injury, schedule an emergency dental appointment right away. There might be damaged nerves, tissue, and blood vessels.

In an ideal situation, we might be able to reposition the tooth if it’s done within a short time frame, allowing the tissue to grow back and support the tooth.

Take these steps to help save your tooth:

  • Immediately call our emergency line.
  • Retrieve the tooth (only touch the crown) and rinse it with warm water—under no circumstances should you touch the root.
  • Put the tooth back in the socket if possible, or have your child hold their tooth on the inside of their cheek—make sure they don’t swallow it!
  • If holding the tooth in the mouth is not an option, put the tooth in milk or saliva, so the tooth can’t dry out before you get to the office.

We will be happy to help you save your tooth, something that may be possible if you follow these steps.

Other Common Complaints

Crowns and fillings often loosen up while eating or flossing. If these get knocked loose, your child might have extreme sensitivity to pressure and temperature. Crowns and fillings often get loose from underlying decay, which is another serious concern.

When waiting for your appointment, you can put clove oil on the tooth for pain relief. Depending on how loose the crown or filling are, we can talk to you about how to manage it until you can get to our office.

Cracked or fractured teeth are also common. Grinding and biting are common causes of breaks and cracks. These can be painless, but if the crack extends to the root, it can be very painful. After calling our office, rinse any tooth fragments with warm water, put gauze over the area if there’s bleeding, and minimize facial swelling with a cold towel.

Get Help from ABC Dental!

We are ready to help you through your dental emergency. Call our office to get the help you need!