The Link Between Respiratory Disorders in Children and Oral Health

According to the American Thoracic Society, “cavities and gum disease are due in part to bacterial infection, which can spread to the lungs”. Children with respiratory disorders are at increased risk of developing gingivitis, erosion and periodontal disease. Asthma is a condition that constricts oxygen from entering the airways, creating a difficulty to breathe. Studies […]

Oral Hygiene and Heart Health…What’s the Connection?

Our mouths are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria! The wet and moist environments in our mouths create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and multiply. Did you know that on average, a typical human mouth contains about 7 million bacteria, exceeding the number of people who live on earth? We don’t […]

The Link Between Cavities and Insufficient Development

Healthy primary teeth are critical to ensuring your child is on track to hit their overall development benchmarks! Although they will eventually fall out and become replaced with permanent teeth, primary teeth still serve an important role. According to the Pediatric Dentistry Journal, “rampant cavities are associated with insufficient development in children who have no […]

The Effects of Oral Hygiene on Overall Health

We’ve all heard that neglecting proper oral hygiene could result in bad breath, pesky stains, and a build-up of tartar and plaque. However, did you know that proper oral hygiene is essential to maintaining your overall health, and ensuring other organs in your body are healthy and strong? Implementing proper oral hygiene into your every-day […]

How does dental health affect the immune system

Oral health is more important than most people realize! According to the Mayo Clinic, an unhealthy mouth may increase your risk of serious health problems, which can weaken your immune system. Do you know our mouths and are full of bacteria? If untreated, this bacteria can cause disease, inflammation, and/or pain. Regular checkups and professional […]

The Basics of Brushing Your Teeth

Did you know Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for a full two minutes? Yes, a whole two minutes! This allows you to focus on where you are brushing and the different areas of your teeth. Use short and gentle strokes, and don’t forget to focus on your gum line and back teeth. […]

5 Ways to Attack Bad Breath

Categories: Preventative Care

5 Ways to Attack Bad Breath If you suffer from bad breath, there may be some things you can do to help mitigate or even totally eliminate it. Below are some tips that might help you. Brush and floss often Plaque is often one of the main causes for bad breath.  We recommend that our […]